15 October 2019

In service conducted on Sunday, 13 October, officiated by Bishop Dr. Bobby Mitchell, Bishop Dr. Mitchell presented ministerial licensing to both Larcenia McDonald and D'Andre McDonald. We pray that God will inspire and use both of them to do His Will and reach out to the many that are lost in a world of evil and ungodliness.


12 August 2019

In a special service on Saturday, 10 August 2019, officiated by the Fellowship of Christ International Associate Presiding Bishop, Bishop Dr. Malcolm Ames, Rev. Dr. Samuel E. Benson, Jr., was consecrated as a Bishop with the Fellowship of Christ International. He was also installed as the Fellowship of Christ International Delaware Conference Bishop. Earlier that same day he was presented with a Doctor of Christian Philosophy in Evangelism degree from the Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary.

We pray that the Lord God Almighty will watch over and guide him and protect him in all that he does. And that the Lord will use to him to open many doors and reach those who so desperately need to hear the REAL Word of God and Christ, and be a tool of the Lord in getting people out of these churches who have so foolishly adopted and promote fake manmade teachings and other false and watered-down teachings over Biblical truth.